Sharpie on Wood…

I love sharpies.  I love doing illustrations with them.  I haven’t done any for a while but I got a couple of requests, so I’m going to finish this series soon.  Last night I did “Nuclear America” and it was fun!  I plan on putting a resin gloss on them all.

"Nuclear America" Sharpie on Wood 5.25x12
“Nuclear America” Sharpie on Wood – 5.25×12
"Diamond Mine on the Death Star" Ink on wood - 5.25x12
“Diamond Mine on the Death Star” Sharpie on wood – 5.25×12
"Floating over Fiji" Sharpie on Wood 6x12
“Floating over Fiji” Sharpie on Wood – 6×12
"Pirating Oil" Sharpie on Wood - 5.25x12
“Pirating Oil” Sharpie on Wood – 5.25×12
"Cattail Bridge" Sharpie on Wood - 5.25x12
“Cattail Bridge” Sharpie on Wood – 5.25×12

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