Updated and Organized!

I’ve finally organized my art work into series of 5 or more paintings/drawings which you can easily locate with the drop down menu under the “Portfolio” page.  If you click on the actual Portfolio page you will be able to see some of my one offs that I created for fun or for commission work.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so I’m pretty excited about it. I love being organized!  When my space is clean my mind can easily have room for the creativity to take over.

Recently I’ve started playing with oils.  I have used them before but this time I’m trying a very old technique were you use a dry brush with little paint and just continue to go over it until the canvas is covered.  In this style you must have many, many layers which in turn gives it incredible visual depth.  The only thing I’m not used to is that oils take a very long time to dry.  Sure you can put an addition to the paint to make it dry quicker but it still take a day or more for each layer to dry.  But seeing the outcome on this first one I’d have to say it is worth the wait. I can can’t wait to start a new one like this!

Power the Storm - 8x10 - Oil on Canvas
Power the Storm – 8×10 – Oil on Canvas

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