Painting with knives!!

So I’ve started painting with knives.  Don’t worry though, I’m not drawing any blood.  I’m painting with pallet knives!  Basically like very flexible butter knives and I have to say it’s super fun!  It allows me to be controlled but in a messy way.  Sometimes I draw with so much precision it makes me yawn. Haha… I hope to get better with this style.  Here are my first 3 tries at it:

Germany Countryside - Acrylic on Canvas - 16x20
Stauffen, Germany – Acrylic on Canvas – 16×20
Midnight Sun - Acrylic on Canvas 16x20
Midnight Sun – Acrylic on Canvas 16×20
Arizona Moon - Acrylic on Canvas - 11x14 - SOLD!
Arizona Moon – Acrylic on Canvas – 11×14 – SOLD!
Mount Helix - Acrylic on Canvas 16x20
Mount Helix – Acrylic on Canvas 16×20
Sun Diego Symphony - Acrylic on Canvas - 11x14
Sun Diego Symphony – Acrylic on Canvas – 11×14

Sharpie on Wood…

I love sharpies.  I love doing illustrations with them.  I haven’t done any for a while but I got a couple of requests, so I’m going to finish this series soon.  Last night I did “Nuclear America” and it was fun!  I plan on putting a resin gloss on them all.

"Nuclear America" Sharpie on Wood 5.25x12
“Nuclear America” Sharpie on Wood – 5.25×12
"Diamond Mine on the Death Star" Ink on wood - 5.25x12
“Diamond Mine on the Death Star” Sharpie on wood – 5.25×12
"Floating over Fiji" Sharpie on Wood 6x12
“Floating over Fiji” Sharpie on Wood – 6×12
"Pirating Oil" Sharpie on Wood - 5.25x12
“Pirating Oil” Sharpie on Wood – 5.25×12
"Cattail Bridge" Sharpie on Wood - 5.25x12
“Cattail Bridge” Sharpie on Wood – 5.25×12

Pirate Ships, Ahoy!!

So people seem to really like pirate ships and tall ships. I like them too so that’s why I’m always pumped to get commissioned to paint them!  Here are few of the recent ones I’ve done:

"Moonlit Voyage" Acrylic on canvas - 16x20 - SOLD!!
“Moonlit Voyage” Acrylic on canvas – 16×20 – SOLD!!
"On A Grim Quest"  18x24 - Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD!!
“On A Grim Quest” 18×24 – Acrylic on Canvas – SOLD!!

Computer Chip Drip Series

So I just finished this last night and I was so excited about it I had a hard time falling asleep!!  Haha… So I think I MUST do a series of these.  I’m super pumped on it!!

"Computer Chip Drip" Acrylic on Canvas 11x14
“Computer Chip Drip” Acrylic on Canvas 11×14

$100 Art Show!!

***  La Bodega Gallery presents the “$100 Art show. Sept 27, 2014 – 6pm-10pm (2196 Logan Ave, San Diego, California 92113)Come out and enjoy an evening of art, music, food and fun!! This event will be part of the “BARRIO ART CRAWL” – a free self guided tour consisting of murals, open studios, galleries, and local businesses through out the Barrio Arts District.
This is a one night group art show that you won’t want to miss. All artwork is 24″ or smaller and is priced at $100 or less.  I will be selling two of my Nebula paintings.  What a steal!!  Hope to see you all there!!

For more info:


$100 Art Show
$100 Art Show

Art Opening Aug 22nd!!

Come on out for some wine, cookies and art!! Gallery at Lands End will be hosting Erica Putis’ and Jack Zabawa’s artist reception on Friday, August 22nd from 5:30 – 8pm where Erica will be showing her “Science Imagined” series and Jack be showcase aerial photos capturing a bird’s eye view of the Crystal Pier and Tourmaline Beach. This is a fun gallery/frame shop/boutique in North PB that is sure to fulfill all of your artsy needs and it’s FREEE!!!. Hope to see you there!!

4984 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109

August 22nd, 2014 – 5:30 to 8pm – FREE!!


Here is the facebook event page if you want more info:

I’ve got stubble, I mean stipple…

I’ve started stippling again!  Stippling is the crazy idea that shading with dots is a good idea and will not make you crazy. Haha… Actually, I’m finding it very fun and relaxing!  So I think I’m going to do more of these.

Here what I’ve done in my series I’m going to call “Fashion Stip”:

"Deco Girl" Pen on Cardstock (8.5x11)
“Deco Girl” Ink on Cardstock (8.5×11)
"Don't Be Blue, Princess" Marker on Cardstock 8.5x11
“Don’t Be Blue, Princess” Ink on Cardstock 8.5×11
"Del Mar Opening Day" Marker on Cardstock 8x11
“Del Mar Opening Day” Ink on Cardstock 8×11
"Wishing for Bardot" Ink on Cardstock - 8.5 x 11
“Wishing for Bardot” Ink on Cardstock – 8.5 x 11