I’ve got stubble, I mean stipple…

I’ve started stippling again!  Stippling is the crazy idea that shading with dots is a good idea and will not make you crazy. Haha… Actually, I’m finding it very fun and relaxing!  So I think I’m going to do more of these.

Here what I’ve done in my series I’m going to call “Fashion Stip”:

"Deco Girl" Pen on Cardstock (8.5x11)
“Deco Girl” Ink on Cardstock (8.5×11)
"Don't Be Blue, Princess" Marker on Cardstock 8.5x11
“Don’t Be Blue, Princess” Ink on Cardstock 8.5×11
"Del Mar Opening Day" Marker on Cardstock 8x11
“Del Mar Opening Day” Ink on Cardstock 8×11
"Wishing for Bardot" Ink on Cardstock - 8.5 x 11
“Wishing for Bardot” Ink on Cardstock – 8.5 x 11

Who doesn’t love a Nebula?

I’ve always been fascinated with space and the amazing photos that Hubble creates for us.  They are just so beautiful and awe-inspiring.  So I randomly started painting and while this new abstract started coming together it started to look like a space gas cloud or Nebula…

I loved painting it so much I decided I definitely had to do a series of these.  Two of them will be for sale at this fun art show:

***  La Bodega Gallery presents the “$100 Art show. Sept 27, 2014 – 6pm-10pm (2196 Logan Ave, San Diego, California 92113)

Come out and enjoy an evening of art, music, food and fun!! This event will be part of the “BARRIO ART CRAWL” – a free self guided tour consisting of murals, open studios, galleries, and local businesses through out the Barrio Arts District.
This is a one night group art show that you won’t want to miss. All artwork is 24″ or smaller and is priced at $100 or less.  I will be selling two of my Nebula paintings.  What a steal!!  Hope to see you all there!!

For more info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1392067067701402/

"Dangerous Rainbow" 11x14 - Acrylic on Canvas
“Dangerous Rainbow” 11×14 – Acrylic on Canvas
"Light Space" Acrylic on Canvas (11x14)
“Cotton Candy Spaceland” Acrylic on Canvas (11×14)
"Red Space" - Acrylic on Canvas - (11x14)
“Red Space” – Acrylic on Canvas – (11×14)
"Green Gas" Acrylic on Canvas - (11x14)
“Green Gas” Acrylic on Canvas – (11×14)

Conspiracy and Mind Control!! Spooooky!!

I’m super excited to be a part of this group art show having to do with conspiracy theories, paranoia and mind control…   I’m not really into conspiracy theories all that much but I love talking with people who think outside the box to get some different perspectives.

The opening is this Friday and Sat, July 18th &19th from 6-10pm. 1150 7th Ave and free!!  There will be music and drinks and super cool art to look at and buy.  So I hope to see all you lovelys at the show!

1150 7th Ave Art Show
1150 7th Ave Art Show

Here is the facebook event page if you want more info:



Update:  Here are my two pieced I made for this show… Super fun to do these!

"Dusk on Roswell" Acrylic on Canvas - 16 x 20
“Dusk on Roswell” Acrylic on Canvas – 16 x 20
"Flying Over Kansas" Acrylic on Canvas - 16 x 20
“Flying Over Kansas” Acrylic on Canvas – 16 x 20


Art show! July 18 – Aug 2014

I’m really excited to be a part of this fun and unique show.  I’m not super into conspiracy theories but I love scifi and I know there will be some great artist in this group show and some interesting conversation.  Come out and partake in a little controversy!

July 18 – Aug 2014

Wonka Gallery and Paranoia Magazine Present:

“Paranoia, Mind control, and the Art of Suggestion”

Group Art Show - July 18 - Aug
Group Art Show – July 18 – Aug

Commissioned Pieces Never Felt So Good…

New commission piece I just finished!! Who knew I could paint a blue heron and a turtle?? Haha… I think they are best friends and go everywhere together, as all herons and turtles should do.

Stay tuned for another tropical painting for the same client!!

Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD
Acrylic on Canvas – SOLD

Science Imagined Series!

Here is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th paintings in my Science Imagined series:

Update – This series will be on display at Gallery at Lands End (4984 Cass St, SD, 92109) in August 2014!

Dancing Strands - Acrylic on Wood (25x25)
“Dancing Strands” – Acrylic on Wood – (25×25)
Micro Fiber - 24x24 Acrylic on Wood
“Micro Fiber” – Acrylic on Wood – (25×25)
"Spectrum Field" - Acrylic on Wood - 25x25
“Spectrum Field” – Acrylic on Wood – (25×25)
"It's Raining H2O!" Acrylic on Wood - (25x25)
“It’s Raining H2O!” Acrylic on Wood – (25×25)