I have been experimenting with sculptures since I was in high school. My first large scale one was made out of a huge log that fell on our land, after a storm. My father pulled it up out of the woods on his tractor and said he would cut the big pieces out for me with the chain saw. So I told him what I wanted and he literally just took out big chunks of wood. I spent countless hours carving it into the picture below. It spent many years outside in the Vermont weather… getting weathered. When my mother moved to San Diego she brought it with her. I stained it to protect it and make it look nice and it has remained in my private collection ever since.

Over the years I have played with many different ideas and materials including but not limited to, wood, clay, foil and plaster. I love working in 3D and it is so satisfying creating something out of nothing.

Dancing Lady – When it was first made and how it looks now – Not For Sale


Princess Geanie – Plaster – Not For Sale


Female Form – Clay – Not For Sale


Foil Head with Clay Mini-Pot


Five Balls Too Many – Wood


Clay Head Family – Clay


Fortress of Foil – Foil, Paint, Wood